Top 7 Ways To Fix Mail App Is Not Working On Windows 11

Registry entries are the footprints of everything you do on your computer. Every installed program, every webpage opened, every change you make creates a registry entry. The best way to do this is to search for registry entries of software that you have uninstalled. Using the left side navigation panel, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and then to Software. These tools have been created with this purpose in mind, and they evaluate the registry keys and only delete the ones which are no longer in use. The short answer is no – don’t attempt to clean the Windows Registry. The Registry is a system file that holds lots of vital information about your PC and how it works.

  • If you missed the deadline to enroll, then you can follow a simple Registry …
  • Windows Live Mail 2012 has been retired, but several other desktop programs can manage your inbox if you don’t want to wade in with a web browser.

The current effect after you use this driver removal tool will be similar as if its the first time you install a new driver just like a fresh, clean install of Windows. If you’re using a Professional or Enterprise edition of Windows, the easiest way to have Windows clear your page file at shutdown is by using the Local Group Policy Editor. It’s a pretty powerful tool, so if you’ve never used it before, it’s worth taking some time to learn what it can do. Also, if you’re on a company network, do everyone a favor and check with your admin first. If your work computer is part of a domain, it’s also likely that it’s part of a domain group policy that will supersede the local group policy, anyway. Looking for something that automatically migrates program files from old os to new/clean.

Significant Aspects In Dll Errors Explained

These contain information used by the apps and programs you have installed, along with personalization information specific to your Windows profile. This does cost, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping your device in good condition. There are numerous tools out there to help you keep your computer running smoothly and at the speed that you expect. Things like virus removal programs are commonplace, but something that’s often overlooked is registry cleaning. Make sure to use your registry cleaner’s built-in backup as well as one of here your own.Registry cleaners will do this for you, but for extra protection, do it yourself, first. In XP, select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore.

  • Deleting old Windows update files is a neat way to free up storage space without compromising your personal data.
  • But it’s still our responsibility to keep our systems updated and secure.
  • If you want the full run-down, be sure to check out our guide on how to fix DLL files missing errors in Windows.

May I respectfully suggest it does not address one problem, which is planned obsolescence of peripherals. Manufacturers make their devices obsolete by not upgrading the drivers. Hence I have two perfectly good USB flat-bed scanners, which are not recognised in Win 8 or 10. One of them finished with XP, and the excuse the manufacturer gave did not wash with me and sounded like an outright lie. Obviously that is not Microsoft’s fault, but it is an important issue. Check if there are drivers for your device in Win 10 before upgrading folks.

Sure, your Windows 10 installation is working fine now, but if it ever fails to start properly, you’ll be grateful you have a recovery drive handy. Booting from this specially formatted USB flash drive gives you access to the Windows Recovery Environment , which you can use to fix most common startup problems. If you’re setting up a new PC or doing a clean install of Windows 10 on older hardware, follow the instructions in How to set up a new Windows 10 PC perfectly in one hour or less.

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Thereafter, Win-10 can be reinstalled on that machine and will automatically be activated due to the previous registration process. I create a dual boot setup by upgrading to 10, recovering back to 7/8, then full install of 10 to a separate partition . This results in BCD entries that let you chose which OS to load at boot time. We us 7 to get Media Center and 10 for all else. Apart from certain pieces of specialized software needed for professional work, I am much happier without any windows. I don’t have to be afraid of “will MS allow me? Recently I installed a dual boot windows8/linux system on a new PC of a colleague of my wife.