Guys, we got carried away talking about windmills (wind turbines, actually) we forgot to fact check the topic for veracity

Guys, we got carried away talking about windmills (wind turbines, actually) we forgot to fact check the topic for veracity

“Abra, an inland province now part of the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR), is so mountainous that there are no means of livelihood. I should know; I was born there. People have to depend on their political leaders, which explains the fact that they take their politics so seriously and the province becomes violent during election time.

I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too it the table is turned

Pinagpipilitwn ng bbm na bayad na lahat at tinawqg pa akong bobo. Pagawa ko homework ng anak ko sa kanila ang lwkasnila mag bobo.

I just came across these following materials related to what we’re talking here. It might help us understand better the subject matter.

(Need to get out of chest again) Another one i am trying hard to avoid but i do not want to block in FB or FB messenger is Chempo. He keeps on sending anti- Biden posts now he even say Harris is on her way out and America is on the way to Totalitarianiasm (plus the vax posts) blabla. As Joe said better me than he.

Yes, agree. The Executive Branch operates government and he or she chairs the Task Force and can redirect it’s initiatives or close it down to distribute its functions elsewhere.

The fake news mentioned in your link already has the attention of VP Leni and is being acted on among others matters:

It may be true but you don’t put it out there. If the purpose in expressing a shortage of manpower is to gain sympathy, I think we’re in the wrong business. Aside from projection, politics is addition. You don’t let outsiders know what’s going on inside. You project your strength and hide weaknesses. You don’t put out contrasting images of your candidate out here.

As for Codillera an obviously pro BBM broad sheet (you can spell it differently) tells that the whole North is for BBm, let us see

What is wrong with help wanted ADS. that is a sign of growth. That means there is WORK to be done and lots of them.

I consider myself an amateur pundit. I’ve been a fan of Conrad De Quiroz and have been a late bloomer on Adrian Cristobal. But take note, I’m not nowhere near those geniuses, those gods. Those people, to me, are from other planets. I’m trash compared to them.

We can always look back on the Duterte-Robredo tandem as an example. The team failed to benefit the country as a whole because there’s a disjointed relationship between the two leaders. Blames are thrown in opposite directions, fired up by being the two were members of different or opposite parties, not to mention the contrasting personalities.

leni meanwhile is disarming, open smile, leaning on her less dominant arm, the thumb touches the earlobe. leni is good listener.

I can see the good point of leaving the font as is, including it not being as black as I would wish, for this reason: if one uses the Html device of sandwiching a word or phrase with the usual tool, the bold black comes out much emphasized and blacker.

Was Moscow the last boycott of the US? But that was the Summer Olympics. Winter Olympics has no impact to audiences like me but if our ice skaters make it then it is worth a look. As for China We tried lawfare, we tried tupperware diplomacy(plastikan) we may not be equipped for war fare, but we can go beyond symbolic and token defense.

most pinks po detest the dutertes from dabaw and have enough of them. dutertes not from dabaw are welcomed, like olivia duterte?

A Leni-Sara tandem is possible but I’m of the belief that it cannot be done. Baked-in in the BBM-Sara partnership is the common purpose to defeat the yellow (now pink) party. The tandem is dead serious in bringing back the Marcoses to power.

The worst “unintended consequence” of the present electoral process (no run-off election) and the decline of the pre-1972 two-party system according to MLQ3 is that the “strongest minority” gets the Presidency. — Yes, yes, I agree. Thanks.

OMG?! This video gave me goosies, I’m so happy para sa mga manggagawa natin kapag naisakatuparang ang lahat ng ito ??

And of course there was the broad mass of people who weren’t involved at all, who lived OK and got through the hardship as always, or parts of the middle class that lived well until the economy crashed in 1982 – and found a symbol with Ninoy in 1983. There were a lot of Sauls who became Pauls back then, but also those who were disappointed later on, shifted to supporting Arroyo as Erap was seen as a threat.. It’s complicated and what part of the truth the old tell their kids over there is often shaded, just as LCPL_X said.

For sure China’s CBDC is on track; looks like Biden will go CBDC also; can Bangko Central follow suit? Can Philippines do CBDC and MMT? How can VP Leni do what China and US are doing?

Where she is doing a far better job today than is in her use of social media, having learned I think from the debacles of 2016 and 2019.

The Stiglitz article is excellent, especially the presentation of alternatives and statement on what priorities should be. I do think hanging “damage done” on neo-libs is trite over-simplification.

The Indigenous critique, as articulated by these figures in conversation with their French interlocutors, amounted to a wholesale condemnation of French-and, by extension, European-society: its incessant competition, its paucity of kindness and mutual care, its religious dogmatism and irrationalism, and most of all, its horrific inequality and lack of freedom. The authors persuasively argue that Indigenous ideas, carried back and publicized in Europe, went on to inspire the Enlightenment (the ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy, they note, had theretofore been all but absent from the Western philosophical tradition). “

The people are also rich in “biodiversity” – having the range of people that span the likes of the Aquinos (Cory, Ninoy, Noynoy), Jesse and Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa; and Marcos and Duterte.

I say, disabuse your mind thinking that anybody who speaks a ‘different language’ is up to no good or spy or a saboteur. It’s not cool to be suspected as someone with a predatory agenda.

Home construction seems to be a well knit local community where, indeed, everyone knows everyone and they put together teams that work the labor that goes into steel and cement, or wood. I’m impressed by the work they do. Labor and long plastic tubes to get the levels right.

So my question are these windmills really producing energy, or are they just RD or means to milk foreign NGO or foreign gov’t handouts (BBM mentions Israeli group)?