Protected File Pro – Using Secure Record Pro to Send Your Superstar Tax Papers Directly to the IRS

One of the best ways to keep sensitive files private is by using Secure Record Pro. This service permits users to access and share files without dread. By using this service, you can send and receive documents while not considering losing them. You can even upload your documents to generate file pro and send out them directly to the tax workplace. It’s that easy. Learn how to employ Secure Document Pro. This excellent website has been designed to help you keep the data safe.

File Require Pro may be a web website that allows clients to securely exchange files using your firm. You are able to upload sought documents or send these people as PDFs. You don’t need a Star Tax account to work with this service – visitor logins are available. After the customer submits the file, it’s sent to your impair drive. It could automatically organized according to the value it contains. Your documents are safe with SecureFilePro.

The application allows you to secure client record exchange. It allows you to scan and upload documents from any position. You should not set up a separate account for SecureFilePro – you can use the same represent all of your consumers. You don’t have to create a Star Tax account to use SecureFilePro. Just click on the website link below to log in as being a guest. Proceeding receive a confirmation email shortly after you give your documents.